Trolls. Trolls. Brie Larson and Trolls.

Man, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to write today. To say I had an AMAZING day with my family would be an understatement. Brunch at Nerdvana (a video game restaurant), a trip to Barnes & Nobles for the boys to take part in a LEGO Movie 2 build event, and an evening watching Avengers: Infinity War with margaritas. Today was all about me living my best version of life.

However, with all of that being said, there still is the reality that craziness is happening out in the world. Sometimes I feel compelled to comment. Other times, I just leave it alone. This isn’t one of those times. Man, I even talked about this very subject just a few days ago while being blissfully aware that Brie Larson was also facing the very thing that shouldn’t have to be faced.

I’m talking about trolls.

If you read that article, you will find that Brie Larson is being attacked and the Captain Marvel movie is being attacked because of a simple statement where she said as she is doing press interviews, she realizes there’s a large percentage of people in the room that are white men.

Really? Are we going to be upset about this?


I’m sorry. I don’t mean to get so upset and offended. I guess my issue is that we give these trolls, let me define a troll for you as a misogynistic, racist, bigot who can’t live with the idea that someone who is NOT them, which I mean looks like them, acts like them, thinks like them, has an opinion that differs from them.

For most of the 2000s, trolls were simply viewed as people who were on the internet and could sway popular opinion over a geek/nerd-centric movie (hello sci-fi, fantasy, superhero films). Obviously, these movies have moved away from being such a closed room and are readily in the pop culture lexicon these days. The definition of a troll has tremendously changed and those people who think like that deserve much worse vocabulary as troll thrown their way. I’m refraining from using much more colorful language on this blog for the fear that one day my mother or grandparents will stumble upon this blog (hi! And no, I’m not worried about my father reading this blog and seeing those words because my father would totally be in agreement with them).

We have to stop. It is time we as a society STOP caring what bigots, racists, misogynistic, sound bites have to say because they ultimately don’t bare any credence to the general mass. They represent, what, 1% of the buying public? I could be generous and give it 2%. The sad reality is that if you have part of a fandom (of which I’m part of many), you know the reality is there are those who are well-adjusted and appreciate it for it is, those who dive a level deeper and cosplay as their favorite characters (don’t worry, you all are cool!). A level deeper is where you get the obsessives who think they speak for everyone when they clearly don’t.

The problem is that articles are written on them (much like this one), moments on radio shows and podcasts are spent on them, and they ultimately suck the fun out being a fan for a property. Because they then control the media cycle, force celebrities off of Instagram/Twitter, and force their poison on everyone. Star Wars is a great example. Comic book movies is another.

The sad reality is these people are going to amount to being nothing more than people who can’t accept that the world around them is changing and changing for the better. Instead, they will be left with their own bit of bitterness. Let them. Stop trying to educate them or better them because they’re not capable of that. The fact they’re racist, bigot, misogynistic people should’ve given you that hint. Ignore them. Stop giving them a microphone or platform to speak on. This is who we ended up with Donald Trump.

As the days click down towards March 9th, the truth is that I can’t wait for Brie Larson to suit up as Captain Marvel. I’ve been waiting for years to see this. Instead of focusing on what the trolls had to say, who have no discernable contribution to society, let’s focus instead on what Brie Larson has to say, the person who has to live with this for every single day of her booming career.

There is not enough diversity in those rooms where she gives the same interview over and over again. We should do something to fix that.

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