Writing Day #1

One of my goals this year is to finally get back on track with my writing. To say I’ve gotten sidetracked is an understatement. When I was in my late teens, I was writing every single day. There were days I would just write through classes, ignoring the education my teachers were trying to bestow upon me. As time has moved on and the responsibilities of life has piled on, I’ve let my writing drift significantly, which is not something that I’m proud of. If anything, I’m deeply disappointed in myself for not following this dream of mine.

There are many excuses to make. The reality is I love creating stories and crafting a story. The difficult part at time is actually just sitting down and putting the time in on the words, to really flesh out the plot, and figure out the pacing of a story. There’s a part in my brain where I want to finish something as fast as possible, which is really a massive flaw, but the longer something sits on my brain, the worse I feel about it. I usually critique myself quite heavily so if it sits on my mind and conscious for too long then I usually tear it to pieces. So on some level, I let it just sit in my brain, and never touch it so I don’t have to shred it to pieces eventually.

There’s more I can say on this and I’m sure I will. The goal is to do some writing every single day. I’ve started work on a novel (I have like seven sitting on my hard drive in various states of unfinishedness. That is not a real word FYI.) and it’s an idea I really like. The goal is to finish it this year, go through a beta reading group, get a revision done on it, have an editor read it, and then try to get a manager/publisher for it. Well, really this year is to finish it. Next year will probably be the rest while writing another book. The goal is to find a healthy balance and not worry about how much I can write in one year (I can usually do a lot of writing when I put my mind to it), but get one project done a year. As the process becomes easier, then it will be easier to write more.

We have to start somewhere. Today, I just started working on the rough outline of the plot beats of the story. I’ll finish that tomorrow and then work on a chapter by chapter outline. I actually have written about 3000 words of the story as I figured I needed to get it out of my head and onto paper.

Here’s to tomorrow. And the day after. And with each word I write, 1000 words will come after it until there’s some 80000+ words written for the first manuscript.

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